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Customizable Labels for Lemon Scented Bath and Body Care Products


These photos feature labels from our lemon labels collection. These labels can be customized with your text, and you can order as little as one sheet. This collection includes Read More…

Tips for Marketing Your Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics With Gift Baskets


One of the easiest ways to promote your handmade soap and cosmetics is through specialty gift baskets that you design and sell yourself. Many different types of businesses use gift baskets to thank customers and reward employees. By creating specialty gift baskets you can help your customers accomplish their goals and they can help you accomplish your business goals - more sales! Here are four gift basket ideas to get you started:
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Understanding Plastic Containers


Plastic containers have several advantages over other types of containers. They are lightweight, they are resistant to most chemicals, most types are shatterproof, and they are inexpensive. However, plastic does have its shortcomings. Plastics can be damaged or warped by some types of chemicals. Some plastics change when exposed to light or heat. And, although they may look similar, all plastics are not the same. When choosing plastic containers to hold your cosmetics, it is important to understand the features of the plastic so you can match it to the product it will be holding.
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Easy, Elegant Soap Packaging

photo-1661185152130-4214a30ced36What is the best way to package your soap? For some soap makers, the choice is easy - don't package the soap at all! But for others, packaging is an important part of soapmaking, especially if you plan to give away or sell your soap. But soap packaging shouldn't take more time than making the soap itself. If you need ideas for attractively packaging your soaps, but don't want to spend a lot of time packaging them, here are some choices for you. Read More…

Safflower Seed Oil - Information and Tips for Using it in Handmade Soap and Cosmetics


The oil extracted from the safflower plant (Carthamus tinctorius) is used widely in the food and cosmetic industries. There are two types of safflower oil which are commercially available - high oleic safflower oil and high linoleic safflower oil. High oleic safflower oil contains about 70% oleic acid. High linoleic safflower oil contains over 70% linoleic acid. Read More…

Packaging for Men's Skincare with Black and Silver Labels

mensshavingstuff Read More…

Orange and Purple Floral Bath and Body Product Labels

These photos feature labels from our orange and purple floral label collection.

floralbathproducts1 Read More…

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